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Looking out into the night

I inserted this image into my story because I can imagine this while I am laying on my couch looking out of one of the sky lights. I love looking out into the stars on a clear night. I like this picture also because there are trees in it and …

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Dungeons and Dragons

I played a game on Twine called “Castle Doomstone” and it was interesting to say the least. I died twice because I stole my bike too early and shoot the dragon a second time. I would say that the game was at least fun to read. I do not think …

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Silence is inconceivable. If you stop talking, then you listen to the hum of life around you. If you stop listening, then your mind and body start chattering at you.

When you die there is nothing to embrace death’s silence while the life around you starts moving and eating.…

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Response to Twine

I have known about steam for several years now and have many friends who play a wide variety of games online. However this is the first time I have ever heard of Twine. After briefly going over it in class it sounded like something I thought was pretty interesting and …

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GIF It! = Stress Relief -a ds106 remedy

One of the lessons learned with#ds106 is creating art is good for heart, soul and mind! When you don’t know what  else to do, when you feel like you can’t carry out anything, when things are just AHHHHHHH!! Create a GIF! Instant relief.

I followed the suggested process (thanks @jimgroom)- …

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