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Week 11 & 12 Summary

We’re at the end of week 12 of the semester, so it’s time for the summary of the work I’ve completed over the last two weeks. I’ll get started with the daily creates and then move onto the video assignments.


I completed five daily creates over the last two …

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A Morse Mystery (Morse Code Challenge Assignment)

This is a five-star video assignment for weeks 11/12 of DS106. That brings my total for the two-week period to…five stars so far. I’ve been busy, okay?! Here is the assignment page. I’ll include the instructions below as well.

This challenge can either be completed as an Audio Assignment, or …

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Analyzing “American Psycho”

I looked through the list of scenes and decided on the scene from American Psycho. I’ll talk about the camera work, the audio, and how the two work together.

Camera Work

I just finished watching the scene with no audio. A lot of the what Roger Ebert wrote about is …

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