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Algorithm Reflections

In this second module I worked with a good friend whom I’ve done previous work with before. We were able to get most of the work done together in about two days however because of our busy schedules we communicated our progress with each other rather than writing about it …

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Explaining Neuromancer

To summarize Neuromancer, the group decided to focus on the plot and story itself.  We choose to do this rather than any other direction because there are too many concepts and themes to mention and in many cases every person will decipher them a little differently. For example, one could …

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Responding to Neuromancer

Throughout a majority of the book one of the  common and almost subtle themes were good and evil.  For the most part this is addressed while an AI is present or if it’s the subject of a conversation.  Personally, I was under the impression that while the AI weren’t hated, …

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