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Because I didn’t like the device, get it?

ANYWAY let’s get cracking. Which incidentally was the main way to get inside this thing. PS I don’t have pictures because this nonsense didn’t deserve to be photographed. We did most of the disassembly in class when we were mostly together, and …

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Reflections on Digital Archaeology

I was very proud of how well our group worked together. We divided the work fairly and communicated often through slack. For instance, while two group members took apart the computer, the other two took pictures and uploaded them to slack so they could all be accessed easily. Even though …

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Debating for Devices

Previously in class we debated the ethics of purchasing phones and other cheap technology when their cheapness is enabled by exploitation of slave labor. For the purpose of the debate I helped with the back research but the group, primarily the speaker had all the material she needed since she …

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