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Make Your Song YOUR Song.

So is there anybody else out there who, when they hear a certain song, can just relate to it on any and every emotional level?

Because that happens to me pretty much all the time… Really, guys; I almost have 41 hours worth of songs on my “Starred” Spotify playlist …

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The Gist Through a GIF: Digitally Capturing the Essence of DS106.

Also Known as “An Open-Letter to Current and Future DS106 Students”:

As the semester commences, or rather, as you’ve accidentally blinked and suddenly find yourself wondering where the heck it went, you will undoubtedly begin to realize that DS106 is NOT just any ordinary three-credit class. I’m sure you, like …

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Vixen Retires and Cat Learns the Truth.

It turns out my entire life has been a lie.

The GPS chip I obtained following Beau’s demise led me to my old home of New York City, a place I never ever thought I’d return to following my father’s death.

But after it lead me back to my old …

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Progress Report: Vixen’s on the Case!

Throughout this week I have been closely following the Vixen Vigilante as she embarks on what could be her first international case.

I have paid close attention to her previous missions, which have been mainly limited to our shared hometown of New Orleans, and it is so great to see …

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Weekly Summary: Vixen’s Ventures in Full Swing.

Wow, an easy week in DS106! … Who knew those existed?!?? I can’t talk; I’ve only been at this for a mere two weeks, but I know that my cohort DeLovely Ames has been waiting for one since what may as well have been forever.

Anyway, here’s what was accomplished …

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