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Web Agency

Above is a link to my created Web Domain for Gambino De Luca. I chose to use Wix for this assignment because it was user friendly and I found that the subdomain was confusing. I also wanted to exploring other domain building services. Obviously this site is just getting …

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Assignments 3/30-4/5

Assignment 1:

Using either Microsoft Word, creating your own webpage, or using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice. Add detailed descriptions and make the resume relevant to the character. Resume must include a profile, work history, education, and …

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Final Unit Choice

For the final unit I have decided to work alone. I have such a busy schedule and I don’t want to hold a group back because I cant meet when every can. Looking forward for what is to come!…

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Daily Creates

This week were assigned three daily creates and all three are posted below! Enjoy!

This assignment was to take a picture of a tree and turn it into art. I really dont think anything had to be done to this photo. This was taken in Charleston South Carolina and to …

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Character Interview

So this assignment was to create an Interview for you character. I chose all 7 questions from Professor Groom’s video and they were all fairly straight forward and easy to answer. I gave to the point answers and some of them are shocking to say the least. I did this …

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Weekly Summary March 16-22

To start, this week was an awful one. I had a terribly busy week along with some things going on in my personal life and Professor Groom was so kind to give me an extension so that I could complete the work. Groom you are the best!

My two daily …

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How to Read a Movie

For this assignment, everything started with Roger Eberts, “How to Read a Movie” and this piece was awesome. Some of his points were things that i have never thought of before and some things were so simple that are just overlooked by all. After reading Eberts piece watching Notorious by …

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Video Assignements

For the first assignment i completed, I chose to do a highlight reel for one of my favorite athletes.

Channel your inner ESPN and clip together highlights of your favorite athete, set it to some music, and add an intro

5 Stars!

For this assignment I picked Alex Ovechkin …

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Final Radio Show Reflection

The radio show as a whole was an absolute blast. Not only was producing the show a great time but I had an even better time listening in to others shows. Its incredible some of the ideas that kids come up with and by far my favorite was the Maury …

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