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The Mysterious Agency

I am unsure about what is going in the future of the DS106 world, but I have been informed to prepare for what is to come. In said preparation, I, Sterling James, have decided to work in a group rather than going solo for this one as I do not …

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Kiss Me Deadly – Cinematic Analysis

This week we were also asked to apply our knowledge of cinematography techniques and analyze a scene from a list of movies, I chose to analyze a scene from Kiss Me Deadly. I was originally going to record a voice over the video scene and talk about each aspect going …

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Dinner Party at 6 – Radio Listen / Live Tweet Along

On Thursday night I had the privilege in listening to the radio show Dinner Party at 6, and boy was it an interesting listen. Not only was it very creepy to say the least, but it caught my attention the whole way through, in an entertaining manner. I really enjoyed …

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Uptown Funk Parody Cover

This video assignment can be found here:                                              Create Your Own Music Video

I decided to complete this video assignment to fulfill the requirement in creating a video that relates to our character in some way. If you look back at my group’s radio show Inside Talking, you will notice …

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