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Isabelle McIntosh-Resume

This 3 Star assignment was to create a resume for Isabelle.  I used MS Word to create it.  I used this exercise to further create my character.  Here is her resume, even though I don’t think she could handle another job.

Isabelle McIntosh (link)

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We had to leave 10 comments on our fellow students blogs.  Here are my comments.

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Daily Create 4-3-2015

This Daily Create was to save Noddy.  I saved him and brought him to my house.  I think he liked it.  I used Gimp to do this.  I’m really trying to get used to this program.

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More Advertising

I did this poster because it shows my group.  Barbara and I decided that we should include Professor Bond in the ad because he has instigated this “Agency”.  I picture him as kind of a “Charlie” figure like they used in “Charlies Angels”.   I hope he doesn’t mind heading up …

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Isabelle McIntosh-Storify

I picked this 2 Star project in order to give the background of my character.  I thought it was an excellent way to develop her character.  I used Storify and I illustrated it with pictures I have posted on Flickr.   I tried to embed it but it wouldn’t work.  Here …

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Newspaper Article

This is a 3 Star design assignment.  This assignment is to create a newspaper article and I used it in my Storify story for another project.  I used Microsoft Word to create this paper article.  It explains a lot about why my character is who she is.

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Agency Business Card

This is a 2 Star assignment to create a Business Card for my Agency.  Here is Red’s new card.  I used PowerPoint to create it and duplicated our Agency Logo on the bottom.

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We need to advertise our new Agency

This is a 2 star design assignment- Create a promotional flier.  I used PowerPoint to create this flier.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  This flier is to promote our new Agency, the Noir Illusions Agency (NIA)


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And Then There Were None

This 5 star video assignment was to do a video essay.  I picked “And then there were none” because Agatha Christie is Isabelle’s favorite writer and someone she aspires to be.  I went through several scenes and marked what I thought was important to the watcher.  The movie was good, …

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