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Sorry this is late…I was busy Tindering

Oh my lawd. This week has been so interesting. Some of the stuff I am going to talk about below has no relation to ds106, but needs to be shared with the world! So get over it. It’s fabulous, and you know you like it!

First off, while I was …

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Oh my god, its like I’m obsessed with Spencer or something

One of the many Collaborative Character Media Assignments I completed this week was called, “Seven-Character Story Treatment.” The directions were to, “Create a seven-character team in the tradition of Justice League, Murder by Death, or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and write a brief treatment for a potential movie or …

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I like to be unsheathed

One of our many assignments this week was to listen to one of our classmate’s radio shows. When the lineup was first published I immediately knew I wanted to listen to “House of Noir” just because I have been following some of the students’ blogs, and they typically produce phenomenal …

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Emily Brostaff can’t follow directions

So I’m a fucking idiot.

I wake up every morning, and check my email. It’s the first thing I do. Well, considering I am still half asleep until about the middle of my second class, I tend to not really pay attention to what I am reading. The daily creates …

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You can rub my pork loins.

As most of you know, we had to create a radio show last week to be aired on our famous ds106radio site. Since so many people liked the McDonalds commercial I created I decided to make a separate post about it, so you can enjoy the sounds of sexism and …

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He took my baby’s virginity

My first daily create I created this week was called, “Your favorite moment in the past week.” The directions were to, “Make an abstract sketch to illustrate your favorite moment from this past week.”

My favorite moment from this past week would have to be the incident at the dog …

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Wanna watch my dog hump me?!

For those of you that are here for the humping, scroll down to the youtube video and fast forwards to 5:30.

For the more boring folk, who decided to stick around, this project is actually for one of my daily creates. The daily create’s directions were to create a …

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