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Veronica Smith’s Resume

3 stars


Veronica Smith, an intelligent, talented, successful lady for her time. I first began working when I 11 on my family farms. I worked there until I graduated high school and began working at the Hideaway lounge. During that time I did some small work with the United …

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Becoming Veronica Smith- Week Ten Summary

Well another week done! I have to say although I’m still not a huge video fan, I am liking it a tad more then last week. To start off this week I fully transformed into Veronica Smith. I answered Professor Bond’s interview questions. They were a little strange and dark …

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Join the War Effort!: PSA by Veronica Smith

5 stars

I am perhaps one of the most patriotic women of my day. I do all I can to help the war effort from home. Although I love shopping, I reuse and mend my clothing. I buy war bonds, and of course am a professional at rationing. Although I …

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Organizing the Final Unit

For the final unit of ds106 and the creation of our agency some of us from Get A Clue have grouped together. I will be working with Shirley Mayfield (Stephanie White), Lawrence Spitler (Tiffany Yowell), and Victoire (Megan Rosengrant). I am excited to be working with this group again! I …

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Commenting Noir part 4

10 of my comments from Week Ten. Advice, questions, applause… some real great work within these comments!!


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This Is My Story- Veronica Smith

3 Stars

Want to get to know me more? Find out my likes, hobbies, dreams… then watch my video. In just a little over a minute you can learn the basics, and hopes and dreams of Veronica Smith. From small farm town life to big city living.

I choose to …

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Dear Sixteen Year Old Veronica

4 stars

Although 16 was not too long ago for me… 6 years to be exact. A lot has changed in my life and in the world. In this letter to a younger me I tell myself to keep with my passion of singing and not to let anyone tell …

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The Four Looks for Veronica Smith

3 1/2 Stars

Since I am constantly on stage almost 7 days a week. I have to use various facial ques when singing to convey the emotion of the song. These “looks” have also transferred into my personal life. Since many people in my small town know me and expect …

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Interview with Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith here to answer Professor Bond’s questions. I hope everyone understands the why I choose some of the answers I did. Coming from the 1940s some of my responses maybe out of date by now. I don’t even know if those in the future will know of Judy Garland …

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