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Silence is inconceivable. If you stop talking, then you listen to the hum of life around you. If you stop listening, then your mind and body start chattering at you.

When you die there is nothing to embrace death’s silence while the life around you starts moving and eating.…

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Weekly Summary

We wrapped up the radio shows this week and I really enjoyed the ones that I listened to. I also had a great time with my team creating our radio show, “Dead Silence”. It took a lot of effort and time but I thought that it came out pretty well …

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“Top 20 Cinematic Techniques”

I really enjoyed this video about various cinema techniques. Frantic zoom in the “Shaun of the Dead” is a technique that portrayed the underlying sense of the movie. I am not sure if I have seen that technique anywhere else before but if this was a first then it was …

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Keep Knocking (4 Stars)

I decided to make a theme song that captured how Harvey felt as he traveled across the country trying to make a living by knocking on people’s doors. “Yes, we seem up for the gig when we’re coming through, baby, but take a look at us when the road slows …

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Come Together – Weekly Summary

So this week flew by! We assembled in groups, criticized our community members, developed a radio show to be aired in the future, created posters and bumpers and stickers, edited audio assignments, and almost killed each other. Wait, no that last part didn’t really happen. And to be clear by …

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Wine Commercial (3 Stars)

Sometimes everyone needs to just wind down and relax from time to time. We all have our variations on taking a break. If you are someone who is intrigued by the allure of the wine community or an individual deeply entrenched in this community it is time to check out …

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Sound Scape (4.5 Stars)

You’re welcome music lovers everywhere. An extremely eclectic mix of tracks to create one single track. I was tasked with using only four and have come up with this sweetness. I used GarageBand for the loops and the mixing. I hope you enjoy it but if you don’t there is …

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Radio Show Progress

I was able to find a group this week to conspire with about creating a “noir-inspired” radio show. Chelsea and Abigail were very kind when I reached out to them on twitter for allowing me to pledge to their already created group “NOIRington”. I felt like I forced my way …

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Weekly Synopsis

Spent this week working longer on the assignments and daily creates than usual with the least to show for it yet. Despite the lack of postage I have working posts that need posting.


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TDC 1133

The Rider game was tough but fair. I didn’t know what I was doing and got my ass kicked. The design of the game was very traditional. Let me know how I did in the comments section below.

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