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Masters Golf – Minimal Paper Poster

Dailycreate tdc1185

Create a minimalist paper poster.

The inspiration video for this create was a pleasure to watch. A rare occasion to agree with @TalkyTina as it was better than the real paper creations. I did find myself trying to guess what they were before the subtitle appeared.

It is …

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Cat-eyed Dogs

TDC1184  – Pet Montaaju

Just in case you were wondering montaaju is Japanese for montage. It turns out that Cat Montage is the latest craze in Japan. We want to be inclusive so our version allows for any pet to participate.

I added cat eye glasses and small eyeballs looking …

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First Liberate Your Art Postcard Received

My first card received in the Liberate Your Art Postcard swap. A little anxious. So many have received 2-4 cards already. WI must be a slow postcard state! Also have not seen or heard that anyone has received my cards….

This card and art is created by Amy Duncan. Facebook …

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#noir106 Cat print

Daily Create 1174 – Create Finger Print Art

The biggest challenge was no ink pads or easy way to make a finger print in a time restricted way….so I pulled out 53 Paper on my iPad and made digital finger prints – not as much detail as I would like …

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Soft Puppy (enough singing already!!!)

Working on audio and video as the #noir106 cohort is working on video as/for their characters. Watching the interviews coming up and they are absolutely on target and so fun to watch! I can’t wait to see the videos from the groups as well as cruise through some of the …

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Batman in 15 Seconds

Daily Create 1171

Not too much on this one.
Draw a  Batman in 15 seconds.
While process was not complex – the time limit allowed for creativity and a boost of fun and energy by not being complex.
I used my 53 Paper app on my iPad. It is like …

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Jerry: Video Tribute Assignment Tweaked

Here is the updated video of Eastside: Jerry.

It is an exercise in my learning about video editing software. Not the plug and play stuff that has templates and you just upload and find out what it became – but the stuff that makes you have to decide keyframes, audio, …

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