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If Corner Pocket was a Minion

For this assignment I had to any person or thing and put a cartoon head over it. Of course I’m going to choose a picture of myself because who else would I choose?? I mean I’m Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick of course I’m going to choose me!  But I must …

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When Two Worlds Collide


For this design assignment I had to create two companies merging as one. I’ve always imagined what it would be like if Nike and Apple merged. It would be legendary and they would be known as, Nipple. I could see this company taking over the world.

I edited this …

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Floating Umbrella

Umbrella art? This daily create would have been cooler if it was pool stick art!! But anyways here is another photoshop creation. Everything you see here was created from different photos. There are five photos in this picture total to create this umbrella art. Here are the original photos:


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For this daily create I had to edit a photo of Noddy being saved. But first I have a couple of questions 1. Who the heck is Noddy? I’ve never heard of this little dude. And 2. Who throws a perfectly good doll in the trash? Maybe the person who …

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Johnny here. Man oh man this week definitely made me remember why I quit high school a few years back. So since I’m taking this thing over from now on does that mean I’ll get a college degree out of this without a high school degree? That would be pretty …

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Mr. Solo Dolo

You can call me Mr. Solo Dolo for this new agency I’m about to put together because it’s just going to be me, myself, and I. Stay tuned!…

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For this daily create I had to make tree art. Who the heck makes tree art when you could be playing pool??? anyways, as a kid I had always liked to catch stuff on fire. So I found this picture and wanted it to catch on fire as well. So …

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Johnny Corner Pocket doesn’t like Interviews

Ever since I went on the radio show and met the love of my life and then lost the love of my life within 15 minutes, I haven’t been the same. I can’t get that memory out of my head. I hate interviews now because of it. Luckily for Groom, …

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