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Mid-week Update

We have made little progress on the case since Sunday, where we had many revelations. This week we learned that Shannon Mills escaped from prison. Now, while this isn’t directly related to the case, we are a little concerned that Shannon and Jack may get ideas from each other. …

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Jack Jack Attack Update 1

The Steadfast Sleuths received our case earlier this week. We have been tasked by Bond to figure out who this mysterious Jack character is. We immediately began discussing the case and brainstorming possible routes to take in getting down to the bottom of what exactly Jack is up to and …

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Can’t think of a clever title this week

This week The Steadfast Sleuths began the process of forming our agency’s presence online. We created our webpage and spent the week creating aspects of the webpage. I completed four different assignments that I used to create a presence for our agency.

First, I created an web assignment that I …

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The Case of Walter Walters

Storify It (2 stars)

This is a Storify story of The Steadfast Sleuths missing persons case. It will be added to our portfolio on our website of cases we have worked on together. In order to create this article for our portfolio I used my Twitter account to create a …

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Double Trouble



Newspaper Design (3 Stars) 

I found this old news article that was published following the Shannon Mills case to add to our portfolio on our website. To create it, I found a template from online and worked off of that. I changed the name of the newspaper to …

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Hire Me!

Character Resume (3 Stars)

I decided to spend this morning updating my resume, so that I can use it to help create my bio on the staff page of our agency.

I found a template online and inserted my own information into it. I have really only been employed at …

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Poetry and Cat Moustaches

Well I must say, the daily creates I chose for this week were particularly interesting. I was asked to observe what people were saying around me, something I am quite experienced at. I observed some interesting conversations when I was following Lauren around on Monday and this poem emerged from …

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