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Further Explanations of Experiences

I am writing this post in response to the following comment from my latest senior project post.


And could you talk more about ” I enjoyed gaining experience in ordering paint and managing other painters”. I would like to hear more about your experiences here.

Thank you,


During …

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Final Update: Week 13 in Summary

After many late nights and urgent flights, HoN Getaways has finally retrieved NoirCat for Maggie Black.As an agency we got together on Tuesday of this last week to discuss a plan of action. It was during this meeting that I discovered the very suspicious email sent two weeks earlier to …

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HoN Getaways is still on the look for Monica Smith with the missing NoirCat. I have made this wanted poster to get the word out. Hopefully this will help us find NoirCat soon. Email if you have any information.

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The Final Stretch

I started the final stretch of this project on Sunday, April 5 and continued until Thursday when the show opened. We went in on Sunday originally to paint the floor while no one else was there. The plan changed once I got there and the floor was already painted. Instead …

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Rush to the Finnish

The week of March 30- April 3 I focused on more touchups, priming the floor, painting the panelling on Darlington’s wall, along with assigning other people painting jobs along the way. It was definitely difficult trying to contort myself into the crevasses between the front wall of the stage and …

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Breaking News!

HoN Getaways has made a major breakthrough in the case of the missing Noir Cat! We can confirm that Noir Cat was sent to Belize through our agency to make a swift and mysterious getaway. After going through emails and case files I came across an interesting email sent to …

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Have You Seen Noir Cat: Week 12

This week the House of Noir Getaways was contacted by a very distressed Black. Noir Cat has gone missing! Burtis wants to know if we aided Noir Cat in his mysterious disappearance. HoN Getaways spent the week looking into the case. What we have found so far is Noir Cat …

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My assistant, Miranda Scott, made another cool assignment for her DS106 course at the local college this week! I’m telling you all about it because I was the inspiration. A few years ago I created the logo for my company, The Highland Corporation, in photoshop. It exudes our companies message …

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Socialize Your Media

This week my assistant created an assignment for her Digital Studies class at the local community college. I thought it was pretty cool so I thought I’d share. It’s called “Socialize Your Media” The directions are to “make an array of social media sites for a character of your choice. …

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Where’s Noir Cat?

Shortly after signing the House of Noir Getaways up to be of service for anyone in noir106, we received an email from a distraught Burtis alerting us that Noir Cat has mysteriously disappeared. Burtis and the rest of the noir106 crew were wondering if HoN Getaways had something to do …

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