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Tutorials: Emotions Through Sound

For this assignment the main focus is audio and putting sounds together to send a particular message.  For this assignment I used audacity and a website called as the main source for all of the sound effects used.

In audacity each sound will be open as a new sound …

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Tutorials: Haiku About You

This first tutorial is on one of the assignments I created for this class.  This particular one is for the writing assigment “Haiku About You”.

To do this you first have to be familiar with the rules of writing a haiku.  These poems are short, 17 syllables in 3 lines.  …

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Assignment Ideas

When creating the assignments I wanted to do something similiar to the daily creates. The only exception is these require a little bit more effort and creativity.  But not to worry, the level of fun is still there!

The first assignment uses video as the medium. The assignment itself can …

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Daily Create Ideas

For my daily create suggestions I wanted to do something new so it took a little while to let the creative juices get ripe.  What I decided on was one for photography and the other audio.  The one for photography is called “What’s Your Best Meme Impersonation”. In this you …

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O.L.D. Agency Presents…”Noir A Cheater”

The next exciting episode brought to you today by O.L.D. Agency. Vocals by Patrick Boyle, Amanda Thacker and I (Sharla Hargis) with special help from Jacob Hargis. Sit back and enjoy a tale of love, suspicion and…..murder? Tune in to find out.


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Summary: Last case “Forever Noirs”

This week O.L.D. was issued their final case of the semester. In keeping with the current story this case picks up after the last case of the Night Driver.  However this particular case has a twist.  To pay homage to the orginial source material from the very beginning of the …

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8-bit Noir: Weekly Summary 13

This week we solved the case of the Night Driver. What started out as a missing video game turned into something much deeper and more sinister.  O.L.D had no idea this case would turn into something so complex. One cryptic note turned into another cryptic voice mail that sent the …

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