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Lie About Your Age

For this assignment (worth 3 stars), I had to make an album cover through a detailed process for each aspect: title, band, and image. I tweaked this assignment by creating my own image based on what I found as well as Sylvia and Ami‘s relationship. The title was generated …

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Week 8 Dailycre8s

1. Groom Ransom Note

For this TDC I made this:

I used Photoshop to make this image, combining a desk and a piece of paper with my own text to create a ransom note from the Athletic Dept. I chose to go this route with this because most of the …

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Noir D&D Review

On Tuesday night, I tuned into DS106 Radio to listen to Noir D&D, which was, from what I could gather, a recording of a board game being played (Sadly I missed the first couple of minutes where there was probably an explanation).

This was a wild radio show. Wild in …

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One of the assignments for this week was to write up four posts via inspire106. Here are the posts I picked and why they inspired me.


1. Where’s Groom?- Amanda Layton

I wrote this inspire post about Amanda’s poster.

I loved this post for many reasons. This appropriation …

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Weekly Summary: Week 7

This week, my group finalized our radio show, I did some commenting, and some TDCs were created.


We completed our radio show, Silk Road. A summary as well as the audio of the show can be found here.


I’ve (1)

commented (2)

on (3)

ten (4)…

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Week 7 Daily Creates

Wednesday- Emojination

For this daily create, I had to create a story from a randomly generated set of emojis. I was under the impression that this story had to be within the twitter character limit, so mine is rather short, but I think it definitely encompasses what I was …

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Silk Road- Final Product

Behold: NeoNoir’s “Silk Road”- a radio show created by Sarah Kinzer and Jada Steward. In the show, Sophie, a hacker based in New York, teams up with Carter Smith, a determined police officer and his mentor, Tom, to catch Folami Turay, the leader of a ring of underage prostitutes …

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They Brainwashed Her

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I had to make some spooky sounds using my own recordings and editing.

To create this, I used Garageband to edit a clip that I had been saving of an ominous voicemail that my grandmother left on our house phone. The song is similar …

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Remembering Remembering Sunday

For this assignment (worth 1.5 stars), I had to revisit one of the first songs I learned on guitar. For this, I chose “Remembering Sunday” by All Time Low, my first full song on guitar.

I love this song because of the major seventh chords. This was from memory, which …

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