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Jack Runs It All

This guy, Jack. He’s running all of it.

He’s got everyone under his thumb: Black, Bond, Burtis, Groom, Jota, Noircat, and even Misha.

He’s the kingpin, the top dog, the faceless puppeteer.

Show yourself, Jack. We know your game. We know the players. We even know your business.

Jack’s been …

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The Harbinger of Destruction

Unfortunately, I’ve lost my voice. I don’t know who took it, but I won’t be able to make a video today. Instead, I’ll write in order to share what I’ve learned.

Several days ago, Bond and Burtis both felt the need to defend themselves against our sleuthing abilities. Their methods …

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Evidence #1

Guys, guys, guys! I just received a suspicious email thorough my work account. I did a screenshot for you, but the pictures didn’t make much sense to me. The return address was fake, and there was no subject. Not sure if this can be trusted, but after tirelessly investigating Black, …

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Our First Client

Earlier today I received a mysterious email from Burtis.

I’ve already briefed Donnie and Lilah on this case. Bond wants us to investigate some Jack character. (Told you there’s always a Jack). So far, we don’t have many leads. From the evidence Bond already compiled, it’s clear that Black and …

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Pinterested In Stirrup Trouble?

Got this oddball up and going. Don’t like the service much, myself. Seems like a place for sharing nonsense. Like a black market for gossip.

There had to be a reason for doing this. Maybe more of an internet presence for Stirrup Trouble. Bananas should be pleased about that.

-Donnie …

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