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Social Work Portfolio Program

The ASWB Social Work Portfolio Program is the name for the new and improved Social Work Registry

What is it?

A repository that ASWB offers
Stores all important credentials such as:

Employment History
Continuing Education Certificates
License Verifications

Why should I join?

FREE with enrollment of the ASWB…

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Love at First Shot

This is the 2nd and final assignment that I will submit to the assignment bank. It is called Love at First Shot and it is a visual assignment. The assignment is to take/find a picture and create a backstory for it. Tell why the couple is in love or how …

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In Progress

So we’ve got all of our information and evidence rounded up and we’re trying to piece it all together. We don’t have anything definitive right now but we are in the process of working out the kinks. Although, it doesn’t seem like Groom was actually “kidnapped.” That’s all I will …

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Week 12 – One for the shelves

This week has been one busy one. I traveled to LA to find out some more information about #FromRussiaWithLove and what Groom was really doing in LA. Our agency, as a whole, has been working nonstop to get evidence and clues to try to figure out what the hell was …

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By Golly, We’ve Got It!

I wasn’t able to dig up much more evidence than I did since last time. Actually I couldn’t find anymore at all. My cohorts, however, were able to scrounge up many more pieces of the puzzle and by golly, I think we’ve got it. We have a few tiny details …

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Let’s get this party started, shall we?

I have just landed in LA and have found the time to write this update. I’ve been very busy the past few days with everything that’s going on. This case…From Russia With Love…it isn’t exactly something that our agency usually takes care of but we’re making it work. We got …

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Week 11 is done, let’s have some fun

Agency Details

So our agency, Hit Me, is coming together nicely. It’s me, Victoire, Victoria, and Shirley. We’re all living in the same house so we figured we could make money out of starting our own business. We created a website so people will be able to contact us and …

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