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Birthday Cards and Book Covers

We were only required to do 2 daily creates this week and for these I chose to

1. Create a Birthday Card for Maggie Black

2. Create a Kindle Cover Disaster for “DS106 #4Life: Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventure”

The text underneath the quote says “Will it be never again?” I don’t know …

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A-Z of guns

I decided to make an A-Z photo collage with guns (3 stars). This collage fit all but one gun and I decided to leave out X because the XT 97 is an assault rifle, not a pistol. All of the guns listen below are pistols and I have them all …

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I’m on TIME

I was interviewed awhile back by Time magazine and I thought now was a good time to finally release the cover. They asked me about myself, my love life, and my career plans and since our agency is finally taking off…I thought now would be the appropriate time to show …

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Resume my Résumé

It’s hard to keep one’s secret a secret. Especially when creating a résumé (3 stars). I am an accountant by experience and actually have my CPA, but that’s not my true passion. My passion is to feel someone’s life in the palm of my hands and being able to take …

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Hit Me Questionnaire

The agency is called Hit Me and for now that’s all you need to know.

This Web Assignment is called Pop Quiz (2 stars) but I put a little spin on it. Instead of making a “quiz,” I made a questionnaire that is for the clients of our agency. There …

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Ladies and Gentlemen, bid adieu to Week 10!

Video Assignments (15 stars)

So the first assignment that was required for this week was to do 15 stars worth of video assignments because I chose to work by myself for the video assignments last week. I’m not a very good working in groups so I thought going solo would …

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Reunited and it feels so good

So originally I was going to be doing the final project by myself just because it was easier for me that way and I was satisfied doing the work alone. But then Stephanie White (who I worked with for the radio show) messaged me on twitter asking if I would …

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Interview with Me

I’m a popular man so it’s not surprising that the professors of DS106 wanted to do this interview with me. Unfortunately I am out of town so I was not able to attend but I asked my secretary, Tiffany Yowell, to fill in in my absence. Knowing I wouldn’t be …

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A selfie with batman and a tree?

This week we, once again, had to complete 3 daily creates.  The three I chose for this week are as follows…

1. Take a Breakfast Selfie: take a selfie of your breakfast. I did just that. I found some yogurt cups in my fridge, a k-cup on my counter and …

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