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Portfolio Program

The ASWB Social Work Portfolio Program is the name for the new and improved Social Work Registry

What is it?

A repository that ASWB offers
Stores all important credentials such as:

Employment History
Continuing Education Certificates
License Verifications

Why should I join?

FREE with enrollment of the ASWB…

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A selfie with batman and a tree?

This week we, once again, had to complete 3 daily creates.  The three I chose for this week are as follows…

1. Take a Breakfast Selfie: take a selfie of your breakfast. I did just that. I found some yogurt cups in my fridge, a k-cup on my counter and …

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Being Creative on the Daily

So I’ve decided that each week I will post all of my daily creates in one blog post because it just makes it easier on me to keep them together.  So as the week goes on and I complete my three I will add them to this post.

For my …

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