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Andrea May Carr–Character

Week 12 and the Agency

This week, Savanna and I worked on our case load for the week. I made a few status updates on Wednesday, under my blog space:


Then I uploaded all of my updates onto Twitter! I had been so busy working 3 jobs, that I forgot you all use Twitter …

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I just got a Pintrest?

As you lot can probably already assume, the Internet is something very weird for me. So this whole Pintrest thing? Very odd. I found some great scarves, supper recipes, and a way to filter my emotions for missing Don.

Check me out here:


This assignment was worth 2 …

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Happy Holiday, XOXO Andrea!

First and foremost, Happy Easter. It is such a wonderful day out here in New York, and the kids really enjoyed dying eggs and finding them all over the apartment!


Those of whom I corresponded with over the week:


If you lot have any …

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Chat with Andrea May Carr

Questions that Andrea will Answer:

1.  If Bond, Groom, Black, and I were to come over for dinner; what would you prepare and why?

2. What is your favourite song. Perform it for me now.

3. In your opinion, who is the biggest meanie in Noir 106?

4. What’s in …

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