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Audio Assignments

Wacky History Commercial

I had to create a commercial for the radio show I’m working on, Wacky History. I chose to use Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy as the background music. I recorded my audio on my iPhone, emailed it to myself, converted it to .wav format, and opened it in Audacity. I then imported …

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Wacky History Bumper

I forgot to create a blog post when I created my bumper for Wacky History, so here it is!


I wanted a background song that sounded a little wacky. What’s wackier than Brazilian psychadelic rock? I used the song “A Minha Menina” by Os Mutantes. I cut off the …

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Friday Cheat Meal—Done Right!

So it’s Friday, and you’ve been through a rough week! Time for a cheat meal, right?! Yes! But it doesn’t have to be a 1500 calorie Monster Burger! Why not make something delicious that cheats a little, but doesn’t cost you two weeks at the gym?! For my cheat meal …

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Make Your Song YOUR Song.

So is there anybody else out there who, when they hear a certain song, can just relate to it on any and every emotional level?

Because that happens to me pretty much all the time… Really, guys; I almost have 41 hours worth of songs on my “Starred” Spotify playlist …

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A Hard-Hitting Expose by the Experts of DS106

After my arrival via time-travel into this whirlwind world known as DS106, I had no time to relax, as I was my life was immediately poked and prodded into by its persistent professors … I am not one for being too open or vulnerable; I have no idea how Amy …

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