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Let’s take things slow

For this audio assignment I did “Make it 800% slower” for 3 stars. The song used in the example was U Smile by Justin Bieber and it was done so beautifully. I can not make any promises that mine was done anywhere near as nicely as that. I did the …

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Another Audio Assignment i chose to do this week was Make it 800% slower (3 stars). I chose this because I wanted to see if a song that I slowed down would sound as good as the one that music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed down, U smile.

When I first …

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Usher Slow Mo

One of the assignments that I chose was to do a slow motion version of a song. I picked the song by User called climax. I thought this was appropriate because of the already drug out lyrics. I used audacity to slow the song way down turning it into a …

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Scoring 800 Percent

This is the make it 800% slower assignment worth 3 points.

This was an interesting experience. I had no clue just how long the process would take for a lengthy piece, or how massive the resulting file would be. It took about 2 hours to process, and I ended up …

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Scott Brinkmann’s favorite song 800% slower

(Three Stars)

This is “Girl Inform Me” by the Shins, it is Scott Brinkmann’s favorite song. It might be a little hard to recognize because it is slowed down 800%. To do this I took a song off of my iTunes and put it into Audacity. I then used …

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Slow down there



I noticed a lot of people completed this assignment a few weeks ago during audio week, and I thought it looked like a lot of fun. Luckily, this also meant that I had some helpful guides that showed me how to best complete the project (shoutout to Christine

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Make it 800% Slower

Make It 800% Slower: 3 points

So this was my last assignment for this week. I thought this one would be easy  to perform but for some reason it tool me a while complete due to the fact Audacity didnt want to work with me for tonight. The song I …

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Make it Slower

Music producer Nick Pittsinger slowed Bieber’s “U Smile” down 800% and the result was ethereal magic. Find a song to experiment with and slow it down to the point where it becomes an amazing piece of ambient music. If doing this with Audacity or any other non-linear digital editor, …

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