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Houston, We Have A Problem

Audio Assignment:

Who Called? 4?

Detective Longs got into a little trouble the other day. He decided that a cat needed to be saved from a tree. As soon as he climbed up the tree guess what happened. Yep. The cat hissed at Longs and gracefully made his way down …

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Who Called? Veronica, of course!

For one of my assignments this week, Erin Clark and I decided to do the assignment, Who Called? that was submitted by Demi Fulcher.

I collaborated with a fellow ds106er Erin Clark to complete this assignment! Erin and I met when we worked on our radio show together and …

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Who Called? Lukas and Mack

This is the Who Called? assignments that is 4 points. I collaborated with Sharla and her character Mack. She has the first half of the conversation and I’m the second part. I did a previous assignment with her character, but this one is slightly different. In this one, Lukas isn’t …

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Dirty Mouth? Clean It With a Biscuit!

This week, we must do 10 stars of assignments from the assignment bank….HOWEVER we can do 10 stars from any category, but the catch is that all 10 must relate to our character and be collaborated with someone else’s character.  AND WE GET EXTRA POINTS IF WE ACTUALLY WORK WITH …

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Veronica Smith’s phone call to Shirley Mayfield

4 Stars

Veronica and Shirley are good friends and share the love of shopping. Since Veronica loves New York City and fashion she occasionally visits Shirley for a weekend. Unfortunately this time that Veronica called Shirley didn’t answer resulting in this voice-mail.

Me and Shirley’s creator, Stephanie White, formed our …

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Hello Sarah? It’s Sasha!

My radio show group decided to write voice messages into the script so we could complete the assignment about leaving a message. This way, we could make sure each character had enough air time and also subtly add the theme of missed opportunities and mixed messages in the show (because …

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