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Time: 2015
Nicolette was done with Lukas’s shit. She needed the money and he was unresponsive. For the past two weeks, she had been calling him non-stop. See, she did a hacking job for him. He gave her the job and told her not to ask any questions. So, …

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Here is my Emotions Through Sound assignment that is 3 points. For this assignment, it was actually really easy to complete. Last audio week I wanted to convey calm feelings in this assignments. This week I decided to convey suspenseful emotions. In this scene, a person is hiding in a …

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Emotional Sounds

This is a response to the Emotions Through Sound audio assignment.  I decided to make my sounds more ambiguous as to what is actually happening.  The hope is that a more abstract series of noises would come together to make for an emotional collaboration for the listener.  I had several …

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Chirping With Happiness

Victoire Absinthe always feels a special, hard to describe feeling after she visits a bank, and comes back with a very, very  nice withdrawal… it sounds a little something like this…



Victoire may be a femme fatale but that doesn’t mean the woman doesn’t feel any sort of …

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Feel the Pain, Sorrow, Elation and the Tranquility…..

Emotions Through Sound (3 Stars)

For this assignment I chose four sounds that represented my character Marcus Jackson.
The first sound you hear is anger and frustration. He lost one of his new friends he made while he was on his road trip. The second sound is the sadness of …

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Jota is

Audio Assignment – Emotions Through Sound

I had to try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. I chose stress(FREE)! I had to use 4 sound clips and combine them to make a sound story of emotion. I went to and …

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Emotions Through Sound: Happiness

This particular assignment was challenging because it is hard enough to explain an emotion with words. Expressing it through sound should be “easy” but actually conveying that was challenging. My inspiration for this came from what made me happy as a child and still effects me today.

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Emotion through sound

So this assignment was to create emotion through sound. The emotions I chose to create were stress and anxiety. When looking into “soundscapes” I noticed that most people attempted to create a scene that would evoke powerful emotion. I wanted to create a scene of loneliness in a way that …

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Bad Day at the Beach

The assignment “emotions through sound” (3 pts) was harder than I expected. I wanted to do this assignment because I know that different sounds can make me feel happy or sad, and I wanted to play around with sound effects more. At first, I was positive that I …

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