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Rock and Roll saved my soul

Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite film growing up was The Sound Of Music. I always loved to flow of energy that Julia Andrews delivered as she would coast from contrasting scenes in the movie. All songs in the whole musical film have a different mood. The tune “Sixteen going on Seventeen” …

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Think about Audio Storytelling: Reading

“The Ambience of Film Noir- Soundscapes, Design and Mood” Through reading this I found several things in relation to film noir. Sound plays a heavy role in film noir by expressing mood to the viewer and creating such emotions through what you hear. Without certain sounds the viewer wouldn’t be …

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Audio Reflection

Going into this week I just had visions of Ralphie sitting by the radio listening for the code and being extremely disappointed uttering “drink….. your…. ovaltine???” and also the other orphans in Annie dancing around Mrs. Hannigans office to “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” – those are my …

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Audio Storytelling

We have been tasked with “discussing audio in storytelling”, a vague, possibly momentous undertaking which leaves me unsure where to begin. So rather than an ambitious explanation, I’ll just sort of keep to what I looked at/listened to, and what I think/thought. Now first off, I watched all for sections …

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The Ambience of Film Noir – Audio Reflection

The Ambience of Film Noir was a very interesting read for as I have always carried a large interest in film. To be honest, I think I may have only payed attention to the visual aspects of film and neglected the importance of sound all together. I can say that …

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Touch of Evil

In the first video there is a feeling of authenticity from the sounds you hear. It is as if you can imagine being in the film with the characters. As much as I love music the prevalent horn and sax section in the second video is abrasive to the ears …

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Watts the problem and where does it hertz?

hahahaha audio puns

okay let’s break this down into several parts:





Audio definitely is an important art of storytelling. In some of the noir movies we watched last week, audio was important in setting the …

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Audio In Noir

Audio is very important when it comes to any movie or TV shows. It can make the audience happy or empathetic. It can even make their heart’s race with anticipation. Audio is a great addition that, when used appropriately, can help make a piece of entertainment into a masterpiece.

Audio …

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Audio Reflection

This reflection blog post is about the use of audio in storytelling, the way audio is used in film/video, and the use of audio in noir. The gift of hearing is something that many take for granted as many around us have impaired hearing or are deaf. Audio is related …

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