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Caleb’s Story

Caleb’s Theme

The assignment I did last was Your Theme Song worth 4 stars about my character. What I chose was dramatic type sounds that I felt fit the image that I could see as being Caleb. I hope you like it.

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Caleb’s Wallpaper

The last assignment that I completed was called Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper worth 4 stars. The wallpaper that I did represents my noir character and it is what I would expect him to have as his background. This assignment was an interesting one and I really enjoyed it.

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Valentines Day Noir

The next assignment I did was called Noir Valentines worth 2 star.  What we have to do was pick a picture and make it into a valentines day card. The image I chose was of a police office smoking. The movie it was from id The Dude’s Talk and it …

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Caleb without words

The Sound Effects Story which is worth 3.5 stars was rather difficult but fun.  Our task was to make a story about our noir character with using only sound effects. The story that I told was Caleb’s life at the end of a work day. All the sounds I used …

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Caleb’s A-Z life

The A-Z photo collage (worth 3 points) was rather difficult to do when I chose to only do pictures about my character. All the pictures I chose represent Caleb in some way. They range from things to do with his job as a sheriff to his random hobbies.

a- ammunition …

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