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Character: John Braddock

“Collaborative” Assignment: Movie Review


I’m turning this movie review writing assignment into a collaborative by writing it in the voice of my character, after he’s watched a movie about Spencer’s character, Donnie:


So I’ve started  this thing, this blog thing. I don’t know many people here in the city, and Bill down …

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John Braddock: What’s in Your Bag?

When he new for sure they had it in for him, he packed up the essentials in his duffel and took the  path through the woods to Milly’s parents’ house, where he’d told her to stay ’til the trouble was over. As he left the sun was setting on a …

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Character Dossier: John Braddock

Name: John Braddock
Nickname: Johnny
Born: March 14, 1979 in Augusta County, VA
Profession: auto mechanic, drifter
Marital status: widowed

Physical Description: Slim, 6’5”, straight, brown-blond hair, blue eyes, square jaw, open face, long nose, calm demeanor.

Story: John Braddock grew up in the back woods and valleys of the …

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