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Delia’s Repertoire


I submitted the Origins assignment, but upon completion I’ve realized that it’s more like 2 bananas than 3 bananas. 

Stirrup Trouble had their first meeting yesterday. We spent a lot of time talking through how the business will run and adjusting to working together. In order to celebrate our …

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Back to the Work Force

I’ve decided to open my own business! Folks around these parts can be so untrustworthy. I bought a record deal with Legitimate Company Not A Scam over six months ago and no dice! Where’s my record? Gone with the wind. 

First, I had to draft my own resume. This was …

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Meet Delia

Alright, my lovelies. Yesterday, I promised and an interview and an interview you shall receive!

After downloading the question videos and my answer video, I had to trim everything to fit. I then put the clips in order, cleaned them up to flow better, and I also added some background …

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Introductory-level Delia

A quick little video that I put together for this 4.5 banana assignment. I definitely didn’t do multiple takes or edit the video in any way. Nope, just all me and my raw talent. One hundred percent.

Anyway- let’s not talk about the video for now. How are you …

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New Week New Me

Hello, lovelies. As you might be able to tell, my page has gotten a facelift! I feel that this new layout suits me much better than that old, drab thing. So, today we say goodbye to the old

and hello to the new!

Also, I would just like to let …

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