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Bloody Hell

Well. Our agency’s website obviously needed a banner, and wouldn’t you know it, there was an assignment in the assignment bank entitled Website Banner. This was worth 4 stars. I didn’t really think it was that hard though. I tried to add some extra effects to make the 4 …

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House of Noir Getaways Banner

This week House of Noir and I teamed up again to make the underground travel agency, House of Noir Getaways. Jeffery, Melody, Sebastian, and I all understand the importance of mysteriously disappearing. We all figured that we ought to capitalize on this and make a business out of it. If …

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The Winter Association’s Banner

I made this banner from a wallpaper of a cat’s eyes. I them colored over them to make them even darker but not entirely gone. I chose this particular font for the Association because while thoroughly insane, they’re very classy.


It is rather simple but the group is not …

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Not-So-Blah Wallpaper

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Website Banner that was submitted by Meredith Fierro.

The assignment is to, “create your own website banner! This will go on your website like your featured image. Have fun with this and be creative!” This assignment is …

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