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Macks Magic Cards

This assignment was done with my character in mind.  I had never played Magic the Gathering, but I have played Pokemon and a little bit of Yu-gi-Oh. I thought, how difficult could it be? The answer… Very.  Magic the Gathering is a hard, complicated and confusing game.  It’s as if …

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Harry Dresden Magic Card

I play Magic: The Gathering on occasion, and found the “Create your own magic card” assignment amusing because of its creative potential.  Its fun to think of a favorite character’s traits and abilities and distilling those things into stats for a card game.  I chose Harry Dresden, a character from …

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MAGIC is in the air! Or rather, Magic the Gathering. I’ve played the game before, so I got a giggle out of the fact that I could make my own cards. I had a lot of fun picking out different character and land cards to make out of classic noir …

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