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Be Mine…All Four of You, Please?!

When I saw this assignment, a belated Valentine’s Day card that was mysteriously left at Black Widow Agency came to mind. I mean, the wording is just beautiful, so it is worth sharing! The assignment “Noir Valentines” states: In honor of the convergence of Friday the 13th, St. Valentine’s Day …

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Noir Valentines

In honor of the convergence of Friday the 13th, St. Valentine’s Day and Noir106, and inspired by The Nitrate Diva, here’s a new assignment to try: Design a Noir Valentine card. Incorporate images and quotes from film noir, the noir-er the better.

2 Stars!

Below I have created …

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V-Day Card The James Black Way

Noir Valentines: 2 points

The next assignment that I did was called Noir Valentines. I decided to make a card where that represented something my character would give to something.  I actually found this image funny because the woman is straight up blowing smoke into the mans face.

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Valentines Day Noir

The next assignment I did was called Noir Valentines worth 2 star.  What we have to do was pick a picture and make it into a valentines day card. The image I chose was of a police office smoking. The movie it was from id The Dude’s Talk and it …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Noir Valentines (2 Stars)

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day I thought making a noir Valentine sounded like fun. So I chose to do this assignment for a few more stars. However, I failed to actually make it on Valentine’s Day,  but I am only a couple hours late now. …

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A Noir Valentine’s Card

For one of the design assignments, I decided to go with designing a Noir themed Valentine’s Day card.  I am pretty new to the whole image editing game, so I wanted to choose assignments that would force me to step my game up.  Also, I just finished card shopping (I …

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