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Dinner Party at Six Book Cover

Lukas had been so bored for the last couple days. Mack’s gang hadn’t been as active as they had been the previous weeks and there were no other notes detailing new missions. So, what could he do? The local bookstore was open and he decided he would read some book …

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Rigged for Pleasure

Victoire Absinthe glared at the paper back she held in her hands. It was her newest romance novel, “Rigged for Pleasure”- it was trashy and terrible but housewives bought it up like hot cakes and kept the money rolling in. She was so glad she went by the pen name …

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Noir/pulp book cover

The last assignment I did this week was the noir/pulp book cover. This assignment was worth 3 stars, and its instructions can be found here.

For my book cover, I again used my character, Billy “Saw” Steel, as inspiration. This book would detail his story, and how he lives …

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Fall for Me

“‘Fall for Me’Book Cover,” by Talky Tina, on Flickr

Well, The Daily Create tdc1113 on January 25th, 2015 said to make a Word Art picture. So I did. It looked the black and white one below with the bird and the fish. I added the words “Fall for Me” to …

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