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Were they really killers?

This week I was really excited to see that one of Hemmingway’s short stories was on the list of options we had to read. I had read a lot of his short stories my senior year of high school. I really didn’t appreciate them then but more and more lately …

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A Restless Night

Early that morning there was a large crash against the window. Isabelle Franklin sprung out of bed to find nothing in sight other than the huge crack in the fence that surrounded her front lawn. She chose to ignore the racket and attempt to go back to sleep. She laid …

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Meet Ms. Isabelle Franklin!

For the character dossier assignment this week, I drew inspiration from a couple scientists I view as having noir qualities: Rosalind Franklin and Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton was a loner for most of his life. When he did come forward with his discoveries he was often ridiculed by the scientific …

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