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Tuned in Thursday night!

I want to start saying Dinner Party at 6 radio show was a success! Amazing and interesting commercials and sound effects. The show was amazing. I couldn’t help not getting involved and wanting to listen more. I think the group collaborated well and wanted to make it a success and …

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MaNOIRpulators- A Big Ds106 Hit!

The story is amazing and has a story behind it that was definitely an issue for working women back in the early 1900s. I like how you can never now what is happening next in their story. I think it would have been more interesting if they gave some background …

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Radio show

In Wednesday night, we listened to Notorious film over ds106 radio station. I liked the film and I got really attached with the characters. Even though I got shocked many times by the characters behaviors but the film was very unique and outstanding. I liked the engagement with classmates that …

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