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Emma’s Diary

Can Anything Harm Us

This week was another easy week. I, again, quite enjoyed it. Our team finished up the case on the missing NoirCat. It was a pretty high class case. NoirCat is very well known in the noir106 community. Everyday with him gone was hard. Hopefully, our audio logs (audio primary media) …

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Introducing The Agency!

So the website is up and running! Everything you need to know about the agency is right there.

Let me tell you, it was a process trying to get this thing together. Having Longs for help actually isn’t much help at all. He kept trying to add pictures of chicken …

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Tune Squad’s New Agency

Well, it’s official. The Tune Squad is going to become and “official” agency. Of course, because of a certain detective whose name is not Cunningham (*cough* Longs *cough*) I’m not sure how much work is going to actually get done. He’s kind of an idiot.

However, the Tune Squad always …

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Talking To A Stranger

The other day I was walking through the park with my dogs. I saw this old man sitting on one of the benches looking lonely. I decided to get my dogs a break and sat down next to him. We started talking and I asked him why he was in …

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Never Again

Writing Assignment:

Renegade Teacher 3?

For this assignment we were supposed to write a story about a character teaching a class something, and it goes horribly wrong. So I wrote about the Tune Squad coming into a first grade class and telling them about what they do for a living. …

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Emma’s Business Card

Design Assignment:

Create your own business card 2?

I chose to do this assignment because even though I already had enough points towards my character this was incredibly easy to do.

Everyone in the Boston police department needs business cards, and Emma is not an exception. When she was promoted …

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