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Final Unit Choice

My final unit choice will be to work in a group. I feel that any brain, that’s more than one, can produce work that’s very creative and brilliant. More minds are better than one!…

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so i’ve made my descision

My weekly schedule is too hard to work with since I am now doing student teaching two days a week and then working two more days a week and then homework for other classes and trying to fit in a social life along with what ever crap may pop up …

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VIVA HOUSE OF NOIR. We have decided to stay together and work as a team on our final project. I think although coordinating time schedules with other people can be difficult at times I have enjoyed working in this group throughout this semester. Everyone in the group brings something unique …

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Mr. Solo Dolo

You can call me Mr. Solo Dolo for this new agency I’m about to put together because it’s just going to be me, myself, and I. Stay tuned!…

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The Mysterious Agency

I am unsure about what is going in the future of the DS106 world, but I have been informed to prepare for what is to come. In said preparation, I, Sterling James, have decided to work in a group rather than going solo for this one as I do not …

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Conway Adams and James Black stay together!!

James Black(Stephen Weidman) and Conway Adams(myself) will be working together for the remaining weeks of the class. We are both cops and have worked together several times before, so this should be a breeze to get our work done. Hope yall are ready for the ride!!…

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Final Unit Decision

For the Final Unit of DS106, I decided to work in a group. I’ll be working with Scott Brinkmann! Scott and I have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past few weeks and I’m excited to do some work with him.

Although we haven’t been given a …

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