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James Black

Find A Digital Tool!

Well for this assignment we were suppose to find an easy to use digital tool online.

The tool that I use all the time for pure enjoyment while I am in the squad car is clip converter. It allows me download youtube videos in either a MP3, M4A, AAC, MP4, …

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My Resume Says It All

Dear all,

Well you wanted my resume so here ya go. Now don’t get to excited when you see it. Theres nothing special on it besides a little bit of what I have done in my life time. Feel free to pass it on as need be. And yes it …

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PSA Announcement For Robber

Public Service Annoucement!

Here is a PSA announcement for a robber out of New York City, where my department is located. He is wanted for multiple robberies at gunpoint. He is a 40 to 50 year old male about 5’8 to 6 foot. I dont even know why im even …

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My Interview with Bond

Below youll see my interview with Bond. Im not a very interesting person besides the fact that I love my job I love my Glock and I Love whisky!

The question the were asked to me were pretty straight forward and extremely easy to answer. (You’ll have to watch the …

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