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Nicolette Scott

Blog Updates

Below are the two weekly updates that I posted on my blog on The Nicolette Scott Agency website.

Who is Jack? 4/6/2015
Today I received a video from Professors Groom, Bond, Burtis, and Tutor Black asking me to assist them in finding out who Jack is. After watching this video …

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Jack Tweets

Below are status update tweets about the investigation to find out where Jack really is. I published these tweets throughout the week.

The Nicolette Scott Agency investigation is going great! #NSA #ds106

— Nicolette Scott (@NicoletteScottt) April 10, 2015

I found incriminating evidence in Jack’s House! #NSA #ds106

— Nicolette …

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Design Evidence

Above is a design wanted poster I created to help my team, at The Nicolette Scott Agency, find Jack before he causes harm to anyone else. On the wanted poster I listed a couple of facts about Jack. For example, Jack is currently wanted for murder. Jack is 5 foot, …

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Video Evidence

This video clip was filmed at Jack’s girlfriend’s house. Nicolette filmed this video clip with her iPhone 6 Plus so that she could obtain some evidence to prove Jack’s girlfriend is unwilling to cooperate with The Nicolette Scott Agency’s manhunt to bring justice and prosecute and ultimately convict Jack of …

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Audio Evidence

Above is a sound clip that Nicolette Scott recorded on her iPhone 6 Plus. The conversation you are about to hear is between Nicolette and Jack’s girlfriend. Nicolette calls Jack’s girlfriend’s house and starts to ask her some very serious questions regarding where Jack really is. Unfortunately, Jack’s girlfriend would …

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For my interview this week I chose seven of my favorite questions from each Professor Bond, Professor Black, Professor, Groom, and Professor Burtis. The seven questions I chose was to answer were “What is your name?”, “What is your weapon of choice and why?”, “What’s in your refrigerator right now?”, …

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Extra Credit

This past Monday, March 23rd at 9:00 P.M. I listened to the live radio show on DS106 radio. As well as tweeted along as my noir character Nicolette Scott so that I would be able to earn some extra credit for this week. I really enjoyed the radio show that …

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