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Explaining Neuromancer

To summarize Neuromancer, the group decided to focus on the plot and story itself.  We choose to do this rather than any other direction because there are too many concepts and themes to mention and in many cases every person will decipher them a little differently. For example, one could …

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Responding to Neuromancer

Throughout a majority of the book one of the  common and almost subtle themes were good and evil.  For the most part this is addressed while an AI is present or if it’s the subject of a conversation.  Personally, I was under the impression that while the AI weren’t hated, …

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The End is Here!

It’s the end of DS106! It’s the end of the semester! It’s the end of college! Today is a great day! Alright, I’ll get to the point. I completed the final assignment for digital storytelling 106, as well as two tutorials. I’ll post the tutorials first.

The first tutorial I …

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256 Points – Tutorial

This is the first of two tutorials I’m completing for the final week of DS106. The assignment is 256 Points.

Today, we have the luxury of fast computers with lots of memory and power. However, that wasn’t always the case, and graphics designers had to make due with very …

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Week 11 & 12 Summary

We’re at the end of week 12 of the semester, so it’s time for the summary of the work I’ve completed over the last two weeks. I’ll get started with the daily creates and then move onto the video assignments.


I completed five daily creates over the last two …

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A Morse Mystery (Morse Code Challenge Assignment)

This is a five-star video assignment for weeks 11/12 of DS106. That brings my total for the two-week period to…five stars so far. I’ve been busy, okay?! Here is the assignment page. I’ll include the instructions below as well.

This challenge can either be completed as an Audio Assignment, or …

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