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Portfolio Program

The ASWB Social Work Portfolio Program is the name for the new and improved Social Work Registry

What is it?

A repository that ASWB offers
Stores all important credentials such as:

Employment History
Continuing Education Certificates
License Verifications

Why should I join?

FREE with enrollment of the ASWB…

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Today marks what may be, one of the greatest (or minimal?) days in the history of my time with digital media, because today, I have decided to make my own blog, on my own terms, without being forced by a college course to post about things that I really did …

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Silence is inconceivable. If you stop talking, then you listen to the hum of life around you. If you stop listening, then your mind and body start chattering at you.

When you die there is nothing to embrace death’s silence while the life around you starts moving and eating.…

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Friday Cheat Meal—Done Right!

So it’s Friday, and you’ve been through a rough week! Time for a cheat meal, right?! Yes! But it doesn’t have to be a 1500 calorie Monster Burger! Why not make something delicious that cheats a little, but doesn’t cost you two weeks at the gym?! For my cheat meal …

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Recipe: Power-Up Greens starring Kale!

I posted this photo to Instagram a few weeks ago, and a few of you guys have been messaging me for the recipe! Wait no more, it is here! It’s actually really easy to make and is a great use of your leftovers! Ingredients:  Seasoned Chicken Breasts (substitution: shrimp, salmon, …

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Why Martial Arts?

As a TaeKwonDo instructor, I am often asked: “Why participate in martial arts?” For many students, that answer is realized after their first class; and for others, the answer is seen after years of training. The truth is martial arts can mean so many things. It can mean getting us …

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