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Vacuum Cleaners SUCK

Well. For this new agency, I decided I needed a business card. I’m a VIP and obviously need something that says so. Not only am I the Stain Queen, I am also the Manager of this place. Get on my level. No Stain, No Problem is ready for YOUR mess! …

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Ladies and Gentlemen, bid adieu to Week 10!

Video Assignments (15 stars)

So the first assignment that was required for this week was to do 15 stars worth of video assignments because I chose to work by myself for the video assignments last week. I’m not a very good working in groups so I thought going solo would …

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Noir Cat. Bitches Love Noir Cat.

Guess who tweeted along to three fabulous radio shows last night?


Last night’s triple feature included the maNOIRpulators, Dead Silence, and the Steadfast Sleuths. All three were fantastic, and I’m pretty sure I tripled my number of tweets, but it was well worth it.

The night started …

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Hook & Ladder… Like The Board Game, Right?

Today’s Daily Create:

Your favorite moment in the past week
Make an abstract sketch to illustrate it.

My favorite moment in the past week was my boyfriend’s annual Fire Department Company dinner. He’s in the Hook & Ladder Company (no clue what this really means but he puts out fires …

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Life Is Short- Smile While You Still Have Teeth!

Today’s Daily Create was to make a video that showed 5 things that bring you joy. Here is my video, featuring my top 5 things, and a minor mess up in editing at the end. yolo. (featuring a slowed down version of T-Swizzle’s Wonderland)

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