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The First movie I watched was The Hitch-Hiker. Below are the 3 still captures I chose to depict the noir in this film.

This photo captures noir because it is an example of a distinct shadow. The silhouette in this photo depicts a hitch-hiker which ends up being the the …

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Noir Cintematography

I started off the week, after reading about <photography>, by watching “Killer’s Kiss”.  Overall, I was rather disappointed with the movie.  It seemed like there was far too much downtime, with narration acting as a segue, to really “get” the important pieces of the story. As a result, I remember …

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A little mood music

This week, I watched A Killer’s Kiss and He Walked By Night. Both of these movies were beautifully shot, if the plots themselves were only pretty good. They mostly employed the use of shadows and perspective to create drama.

Here, ~The Killer~ gives off an almost …

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One of our assignments this week was to “watch at least two of these movies and think about how the film is shot.” We had to think about, “how the cinematography captures the feelings and aesthetic of noir that we’ve been discussing so far?” and  “write a post in which …

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Noir is Pretty Dark

The two noir films, Killer’s Kiss and He Walked By Night are two examples of noir films. Noir uses a distinctive lighting style that creates a specific atmosphere. This atmosphere is mostly one of suspicion or suspense, bringing attention to a specific person or event in the film. For example, …

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Noir Movie Stills

This post is for the assignment for reflecting on noir and visual storytelling. The film Killer’s Kiss has the noir aesthetics and feelings of being shot in dark rooms with limited lighting, the moodiness of a defeated boxer and a girl who has lost her family, and urban nightscapes of …

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Shadow Play in “Killer’s Kiss” and “The Hitch-Hiker”

The movies Killer’s Kiss and The Hitch-Hiker both have cinematographic elements that portray the mood and aesthetic of noir, but the two most common are shadows that bring attention to the foreground and that add to the character or scene portrayed. It helps that both are black and white movies, …

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Noir Cinematography

Killer’s Kiss

These were the still shots that I pulled from this film.

I chose this photo for the “Venetian Blind” effect.  By his facial expression, one is able to see that he is thinking about something while looking out the window (for someone).  You can also tell that he …

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Film school: the intimacy and drama of noir

The cinematography of film noir is probably the most recognizable and defining feature of noir itself. I chose to watch films that were made very far apart, and this helped me to more easily detect the aspects of noir cinematography that truly define the visual aesthetic. The similarities between Killer’s …

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They Looked Like Noir, But Now I’m Sure!

Shifting from last week’s focus of reading noir to this week’s focus on watching noir was interesting. The elements of noir in the films are basically the same as in the readings, but their presentation in cinema is more clear. In my personal opinion, I think film is the best …

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