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The Harbinger of Destruction

Unfortunately, I’ve lost my voice. I don’t know who took it, but I won’t be able to make a video today. Instead, I’ll write in order to share what I’ve learned.

Several days ago, Bond and Burtis both felt the need to defend themselves against our sleuthing abilities. Their methods …

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Pinterested In Stirrup Trouble?

Got this oddball up and going. Don’t like the service much, myself. Seems like a place for sharing nonsense. Like a black market for gossip.

There had to be a reason for doing this. Maybe more of an internet presence for Stirrup Trouble. Bananas should be pleased about that.

-Donnie …

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Thought of warning a few of the scoundrels we may pick up during our work.

Stirrup Trouble will turn your world upside down, and pull all the skeletons out of your closet if we need to. Being a widower, I don’t want to see any relationship take a wrong turn. …

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The Logos of Logos

So Bananas set up a nice site for us here. Thought I’d spruce it up a bit with a logo for our new front. Names are nice, but imagery can add a bit more depth, from my experience.

Wanted to keep it slim and dark.

Stirrup Trouble will be investigating, …

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Wanted Poster


Please spread this around. My manager really needs to talk with him, so if you see him, my contact info is I’ll make sure the contact is not an imposter and then forward it to my manager. Thanks!

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Conspiracy Theory (3 stars)

Potentially Dead Spiders Found In Supermarket Banana

Mystery Air Objects seen In Sky Over L.A

Obama Sweeps to Historic History


My first assignment as an agent of Sitrrup, is to find my managers missing bananas… a little odd I know, but I have a feeling this is a sort …

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