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Noir Buzz-Featuring the Tapes of Jack Neff

Well here she is. After a lot of group confusion and lack of responses, I was unsure of what to do with all of my ideas and preliminary content I had created. With some of the original members breaking off and others going incommunicado, I had no choice but to …

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Radio show Process Summery 2

In today’s meeting, we finished the dialogs for the characters (host and guest). We made it interesting enough to make the characters share heir stories throughout the show and gossip about it. The music have been chosen based on the characters interests and to make it relate to the show. …

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Radio show Process Summery 1

Tuesday night, Dalina and I met through google hangout and planed the radio show in terms of who is the host and who are we featuring. and so we decided that Dalina’s character will be the host and my character will be the guest interviewed in the radio show. In …

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