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NeoNoir Progress

Our group is the outcasts. The procrastinators. The outcastinators. The procrasts. We didn’t join a group, so we were automatically placed.

Despite this, I’m very excited about our show. Jada really took a leadership role, reaching out to everyone to get started. She created a googledoc, where her, Daniel

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Radio Show Progress

Radio Show Processes


Finding a Group:

First thing’s first, I of course had to find my group members. Pretty easy, here’s our lineup:

Brian Goulet (Me), Landon Epperly, Jack Eaton, Christine Loehr, Shannon Grubbs and Lexy Maratellos

Radio Show Ideas:

We decided to do a talk show inspired by …

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I joined a group very late and I’m in that group so I don’t have definite progress to display as of right now. However, I am meeting with them on Tuesday. I have talked to them a lot over text message about our radio show project. They have already met …

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Week Six Summary

This week we began the formation of our groups for the radio shows. Christine is my roommate so we decided to be in the same group. She knows Brian and Landon so they reached out to her to be in a group, so I joined their group as well. Then …

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Inside Talking: A Night of Noir

Inside Talking: A Night of Noir is our radio show idea. Inside Talking is a talk show we are doing and the theme of the talk show is “A Night of Noir.” My group consists of Jack Eaton, Christine Loehr, Brian Goulet, Shannon Grubbs and myself. A few of us …

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Radio Show; House of Noir

So this week we created our radio show, House of Noir! My group includes Janaye, Janelle, Rhiannon and myself. To make communicating easier we made a Facebook group to share all of our ideas. Our radio show is a advice talk show. Where people call in and ask for advice. …

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Week 1 Process/Progress

The first step this week was to create a group for the radio show. I’ve known Landon and Brian for a little while so Brian messaged both Landon and I on Facebook to see if we wanted to be in a group together. (Obviously, it was a yes). Then I …

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Radio Show Part 1

Our radio show group project got started by me reaching out to a fellow classmate to get a group together. After we got a group of four together we came up with a concept for the show. We decided to make it like an interview talk show with our noir …

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Noir at Night

Stephen Weidmen and I doing the radio show, named Noir at Night. So far we have come up with some solid ideas for the show. We want to talk about modern day noir films and how they compare to the old days and what is different. For the second half …

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