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Photography Tips

This week, I tried to follow three of David duChemin’s tips for becoming a better photography. His eBook can be found here. The tips I tried out this week were

Get Pickier
Change My Perspective By Changing Yours, and
Create Depth.

The second tip lined up very well with …

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Detective Stories and TED Audio Effects Reflection

Radio hosts use several techniques to bring their stories to life. Many were used in the Radiolab show Detective Stories and the TED audio hour episode posted in the week 4 instructions.

Listening to the two sound clips, I was able to pick out several uses of audio techniques that …

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Reflection: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

In his lecture, Michael Wesch discusses the evolution that must take place in the classroom due to the availability of new communication mediums. The title of his talk says it all. How do students go from memorizing and regurgitating facts to being able to seek out and analyze information on …

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Reflection: A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

Gardner Campbell’s article, A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, discusses how teachers and students should fully utilize the new creative opportunities the internet is providing. Rather than a simple, do-exactly-what-the-teacher-asks approach, students and teachers should be using new technologies to learn in completely new ways.

The article can be viewed with the following …

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I don’t know how to do this “nice” thing

It seems that I am supposed to commenting and giving words of encouragement/criticisms on other members assignments. One of the perks of being a sociopathic psychologist is I have the power to make people think I care. So I may have given you all positive comments, but I am actually …

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The Great Radio Reflection

Radio really turned out to be an exciting and fun project, I seriously lucked out in getting such a cool group to do it all with.  The core of the show was a live D&D adventure, so the bulk of the project was fun as hell when we played through …

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