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Shadow Character

Agency Photo

Complete Family Photo (3 stars)

The following is The Darkening Agency Christmas Time Photo. Shadow is on the right and Caleb is on the left. There are no other agents making this in to a bro night reunion. Some editing on word was done to make Shadow more visible.

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How Embarrassing…

5 Second Film– (4.5 stars)

Did you watch the Day in the Life of Caleb and Shadow? Well here is the video…

And guess who decided to post the bloopers…Chelsea. She’s probably still mad I stole her blog. She used clips that were to be discarded after my video …

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Shadow’s daily creates

This week I created 4 pieces of art. Who knew I could be so creative? A Shadow, ha. I believe these turned out great!

On Monday I took a selfie of my breakfast. Yes, I know eating cookies for breakfast is not the healthiest but hey I’m a Shadow, I …

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