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Eastside Audio Blitz Week 1- behind

The week went by quickly and I have fallen into the behind category. My week 6, 7, and spring break I have charted a little differently as an open course learner than the path of the UMW cohorts in #noir106. That has proven more challenging. I really have to set …

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30% – Really? Only 10 wks left?

Time is flying by! 30% of the framed structure and suggested timeline of this ds106 course is now history for me. 5 weeks wow!

Unit 5 focused on Design. The topic that resonated with many who are on the path and has generated some awesome creations.

12 Stars total was …

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Four Units Done- No Way!

Well, I used to think time flew bye when I was busy at work and that calendar just flipped at warp speed. I had some time where the time seemed to be taking a long time to move forward. Then I jumped into this ds106 life and I am seeing …

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Visually Consumed – Unit 3 Summary

So many happenings during this week and unit. As I am connecting with #noir106/#ds106 students I find that I am completely absorbed and consumed by this work and not have it feel like work or exhausting. But I do run out of time!

I am so glad I am now …

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